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Thread: RXP - Trim ?'s

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    RXP - Trim ?'s

    First of all, THANK YOU JERRY for rebuilding my supercharger. Put it all back together and runs like a beast, comming in today I had the hose pop off the SC so that gave me a pretty good scare, but all is well.

    ANYWAYS, the other day i towed for the first time, my friend wakeskating. Hes about 6'1, prob 200-210lbs, and when I first tried to pull him out of the water I gave it throttle and my trim was all the way up (unknowingly) and I pretty much just sat there inching forward blowing water everywhere. Pretty funny sight I'm told. Then I lowered my trim all the way and it pulled him out of the water no problem, then leveled the trim back to just under half once we were going.

    So my question is, is there an ideal trim level for towing wakeboarders/tubers? I know its hard on it either way, but what puts the least strain on the ski? Let me know from your experiences, thanks again guys!

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    I dont have a RXP but i tow all the time with my RXT and that doenst have trim, its in the middle and sometimes seems to be a bit high cause of the 2.5* wedge thats in there, if i blast it the jet shoots the tuber or the skier, so i would say put it where its best on the person ur pulling and also pulling out with the trim down will help u stay hooked up better, then raise it as u go, also pullin someone isnt gonna hurt ur ski.

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