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    Any difference in these clutch washers?

    Is there any difference in the Riva metal clutch washers or these that you can find on ebay:

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    Quote Originally Posted by bryanw80 View Post
    Is there any difference in the Riva metal clutch washers or these that you can find on ebay:
    I think if you like change clutch on 2008 shaft, buy washer from Riva 2007 style and from kit mod one washer inside diameter very small and go rebuild.
    2008 washers close 2,00 mm, Older Riva 2,3 mm so stronger and easy to give more slip if you like.

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    besy way to go is 2008 rebuild kit with riva washers. Its well known that if the washers fail they "can" wreck the motor. I wouldnt trust the ebay brand washers.

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    i have aluma bronze ones. period! pm for more info
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    Boys we don't talk about these type things on here. Someone will be visiting you shortly for disciplinary measures. Washers have been a cash cow for a lot of people for a long time and paid for a lot of stuff you get to enjoy.

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