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    Question sl 750 troubleshooting

    Problem description:

    Ski runs good for about 30 minutes then it starts to run bad to worst. After those 30 minutes I noticed that if i trimm the nose up it will help alot, and the engine will rev up much easy. But after a while that would not help either. Last time the ski, after one hour of driving, would not rev after 1900rpm at all.
    Also in about an hour of driving there is about 5-6cm of watter in the hull. May this be the cause? When i rise the nose up the watter goes in the back and that may fix something ?
    What could it be ?

    Ski is a 1995 SL 750, i own it for about 2 months. The purpose is to make it run as smooth as posible. I usualy drive it at sea.

    thnx alot

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    You need to fingdthe cause of the leak. It will NOT get better, but will only get worse, and possibly strand you out at sea.

    Possible leaks are thru-hull bearing, speedometer pitot, a worn cooling hose, or a blown gasket.

    Next time it acts up, try removing the gas cap and see if there is alot of pressure built up. There should be a little hissing, but not alot.

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