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    Anyone want to go out Friday afternoon?

    My ski is back in action so Im going to hit the housatonic on Friday afternoon. My gps broke so if anyone can come and bring one, that would be awesome.

    Maybe we can go out around 5 or whenever people get out of work and hit knapps for happy hour and some food and take a ride. LMK what y'all think.

    If I dont hear back from anyone, we'll bring my skis to work with me and launch at 230 on the way home.

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    I'm off on Friday so I can go out whenever.
    Housy/Knapps sounds good to me.
    I'll bring my GPS too.

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    Now were talkin. If no one else wants to go out, we can meet any time after 230. If others are coming, we can wait until a bit later. Im good to go either way. I cant wait to be back on the ski.

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    Theres multiple threads going on for rides this weekend. Rather than repost- ill just post here.

    I will hang out on the west haven beach one day, probably monday- but am open to riding somewhere different on sat/sun. post up and let me know where you guys are riding.

    Christina has been asking to ride to Port Jeff, and while Im not a huge fan of Port Jeff, it is something to do. Thats a possibility. Its cool to ride to Port Jeff from the WHB and then ride back over and hang out.

    It would also be cool to go somewhere out of the ordinary.

    LMK what you guys are thinking.

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    do you and pete want to cruise down to stamford harbor from the housy? like 30-40 minutes SW from the housy? If one of you have a GPS with a map its pretty easy. Its a hike for me to get to devon and with all the traffic friday, it will take me 5 hours.

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    I am out friday.

    I am in for NYC ride saturday.

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    ok. I was going to say- thanks for the invite, Id love to ride some place different- but im going to be looking for flat water to test my new setup with GPS.
    Maybe well ride together sat then. Im debating it.

    anyone else for Friday?
    Steve is out. hes out of town.

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    I can only imagine what the kids will say while my jet ski sits in the school parking lot all day Friday - meanwhile I'm daydreaming out the window in the middle of the lesson. (BTW I teach in an inner city school....although it is on the shore, so maybe some of them have seen a jet ski)

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    hmmm im off on friday.

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    why dont you come down?

    How did you guys score a four day weekend?

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