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    95 slt750 jetting problem

    I've been trying to tune my slt750 for 3 days now. I took it to the lake for the first time last week. I repllaced 2 of the cylinders and pistons when I bought it. Anyway, it runs pretty good, has lots of power, and the spark plugs seem to indicate that the mixture is about right.

    There is one problem though. Once it warms up (10 minutes maybe), the carb problem becomes apparant. After idling, when the throttle is depressed, she'll sputter and die if I don't let off the throttle. If I ease into it, I can get up to full speed, but it takes a while. However, a quick (1/2 second) shot of choke while bringing the power in will eliminate this, and she'll take off very quickly.

    There are no other problems, and it only does this after it's been idling for a minute or more. I've reset the needle adjustments to factory spec. All carbs are 1/2 turn out on low end. High end needle is: MAG - 1 turn out, CENTER - 1/2 turn out, and PTO - 3/4 turn out. I've adjusted from here a tiny bit in both directions, with not much improvement.

    I should mention, I'm at 6,000 MSL, and I'm pretty sure the jets are stock.

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    Have you upgraded to the triple outlet fuel pump?

    Have you cleaned/rebuilt the carbs?

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