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    Unhappy exhaust pipe crack?

    Has any one had a factory Yamaha exhaust pipe crack? I have 02 Xlt 2002 the exhaust pipe “newly painted” has allot of exhaust residue on the front pipe that wraps around the front of the engine. The residue is located where the pipe bolts to the front of the engine, where the head bracket / brace bolts through the pipe. Any Ideas?


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    First make sure it's a crack and not the posts backing out.

    I had a similar problem and after taking soapy water to the pipe, found out that the 2 exhaust pipe bolts backed themselves out and were leaking.

    Check the soapy water method out. Use a spray bottle.

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    I've had (3) of them crack on me....until I updated the mount brackets. On the 2002, they should have the new brackets already

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    i agree with nevermind.....make sure al the bolts are torqued correctly....seen em walk out a smidge....also seen em WAY to tight from yamaha....that have caused cracks.

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