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    Want to replace plastic pump housing

    I have a 2003 Seadoo 4tec GTX 155hp NA jetski that came with the plastic impeller housing. I want to replace with a 2004 or newer aluminum housing (not sure how new I can go??) , which happens to require a complete pump assembly (a large portion of the internal parts will not swap between an 03 to 04 or newer assembly). Does anyone out there happen to have a complete 2004 or newer aluminum complete pump assembly they want to sell? Please let me know if you do and the asking price? Thank you

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    2004 to 2007 pump will work for sure.
    you jsut need your old wear ring, and old impeller.
    or a repalcemetn wear ring and impeller that is for yout 155 ski.
    old wear ring can be flipped around 1 time to get another use out of it.
    solas makes the 11/19 for your ski, which is a nice improvement also.

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    Thanks for that information!

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