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    12F takes a few cranks to start?

    2003 12F with 112 hrs on it, I bought it used beginning of the season, had it out 10-12 times this year.

    My question is why does it always take a few cranks to start on the first start of the day. As in crank for a few seconds, let off, crank for a few seconds, let off, crank for a few seconds, kinda sputters to life, give it some throttle and it dies, crank again, runs a bit smoother, sometimes it will now respond to throttle imput sometimes it will die again and I will have to crank one more time. This is only on the first start of the day, after it has been run a bit, it starts fine. Ski seems to run great otherwise, has good power and pulls smoothly through the revs. Just doesn't seem right to me that a fuel injected 4 stroke should take so much cranking to get started.

    Thanks Ernie

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    These ski's have a issue at time's with moisture that builds up from the waterbox and the plugs, etc. get wet. Sometimes it takes a few turns. If I have ridden a long time 30 min. or an hour or more, sometimes my ski will not start. I take the seat off, let the fresh air in for a minute and walla, fires right up.
    I have a friend that is a Kawa engineer that showed me this trick.
    If that doesn't help, your fuel pump may need to be replaced.
    Good luck!

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