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    stx15f help

    hey guys, so i finally got my engine back in the hull because one of my rods broke, but now i am turning on and it works great but i see that there is water comming from the exahust manifold, between the exhaust manifold and the head to be specific. the water is just slightly dripping but it shouldn't be there and yes there is a new gasket, does anyone know what this can be? and would gasket silicone help fix the problem?

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    I had the same thing happen one time and it stopped after a while. I cannot guarantee it will stop but as long as you cleaned the surfaces, used a new gasket and torque them to what is specified you have done what you need to. If you overtighten the bolts you will stretch them out and might break them. They are not the strongest bolts I have dealt with (as I found out). Give it some time and see if it stops. If it doesn't stop soon you will have to take it apart again and see what is causing the opening.

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    Ok so that problem I fixed it what happen was the screw was broken and I changed it and I have now screwed it back in and no more leak. But I see that near the bottom of the exhaust manifold just before it goes into that rubber gasket to go into the actuall exhaust there is another really small leak I mean it's really small just think of your sink when u don't close it all the way and it trickles down like 2 drops like a minute or less. So I got a mirror to see where the water is comming from and I see that there is a hair size scratch that I believe the water is comming from well not scratch but crack but very small. I bet it is from a bad winterize from the guy I bought it from. Anyways guys if I put some jb weld on it will that be ok to stop the leak. Or do you guys no anything that can fix this crack?

    Also can the crack get bigger?

    Thanks for the help guys

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    What ever is cracked and leaking will have to be replaced..........cracks only get worse with heat and vibration. Somemight say weld it and it may work if the right person welds it but good luck finding that guy.


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    Nothing like spending the cash for replacement and peace of mind

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