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    How cold is too cold

    When i had my 800 i used to love riding till the very end of the season. However being up in mass, i ride when it got down in the low 60s. I've done it plenty of times and never had any problems, then sold the ski.

    So i bought my 1300 and stumbled upon this place, and have heard that riding when it's too cold is bad. Considering i don't want to kill my baby, i'd like to know why it's bad, and how cold is too cold, water temp or air temp. I'm assuming it has something to do with motor temperature or fuel and oil atomization in the denser air?

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    In cold air, you run leaner....hotter air you run fatter.Cold air makes more power.

    Cold water (40 degree for example)........ your piston will expand from the heat of the combustion but the cylinder will not expand as fast, due to the cold water not allowing it to expand along with the piston. This can result in a stuck piston.Piston expands but cylinder expands much slower with the cold water going through it, and your clearance between the 2 becomes less than required. Make sence? I ride "carefully" when its cold out. You want to get heat into the cylinder quicker.No full throttle runs when you first go out. I will let it run on the trailer for a minute and keep an eye on the cylinder temps, then go out and work the throttle, no more than 1/2 throttle to get the heat going.

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    yeah that makes perfect sense, and luckily i let my ski warm up for at least 5 minutes before i even go over half throttle whenever i ride.

    Now i know that cold air is more dense, and the carb'd skis will run leaner, but shouldn't the EFI skis' be able to accommodate for this the same way a car does? Also, any guess at what temperature is pushing the limit for riding? I'm a sucker for riding in jeans and a hoodie with the IPOD

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    40-45 degree water is damn cold! I have rode in 50 degree water and i feel that is pushing it. Your ECU should compinsate for that, baro sensor etc... just be careful in the cold water....oh and dont go any deeper standing in the water than your...well you know.

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    yeah so based on that logic i figure i should be able to ride all through september. thanks bud

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    I plan to ride into October again this year. I just make sure I have a buddy with me in case I sink. Sinking in sub-40 degree water can kill you damn quick. Hypothermia in a matter of minutes, wetsuit or not.

    I'll ride on a sunny day as long as the air is over 50 or so. I was out in 30-some degree water in the fall and again in the spring, and my motor didn't blow up until it got warm out.

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