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    ultra 150 oil injection removal

    putting new motor in an ultra 150. customer wants to remove oil injection. is this possible since the oil pump looks like it lubricates the countershaft bearings. there are oil lines from the pump to the cases in these areas.

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    Very poor idea unless he wants to pay you to pull the motor and change the oil a couple of times a season

    You are correct in that the oil pump supplies oil to the front and rear balancers. There are 2 check valves inside the engine cases that pass oil from the balancers to the #1 & #3 cylinder, So to block it those check valves would need to be plugged. The balancers would need to still have oil hence it would need to be changed.

    Usually what kills an ultra is cracked oil lines, most commonly #2 since it is the only cylinder that gets all its oil from 1 line. I would put all new tygon oil lines on it and leave the injection pump. Then mabe in a couple of years change them again. Be sure you got the oil lines on the correct outputs since they are different. What killed his original motor?

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    oil pump

    you can also disconect the oil lines going to the carbs and block them off and leave the oil lines to the counter balancers, take a piece of copper or stainless wire and tie the oil pump in a 1/2 to 3/4 open position, and then run premix in the gas for the cylinders. I bought a ski that was set up this way and it ran with no problems.
    That being said the oil injection on the ultra is very reliable with the exception of a broken or damaged oil line. I would probably think in the long run if it were not for the oil injection on the skis there would be as many if not more engines bite the dust from improper mixing of the fuel by the owner than by oil pump failure. The oil injection is also way more convient than mixing. My wife will stop by and fill the skis for me but she never would mix the oil, said she didn't want that responsibility.

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    I too agree with changing the lines and making sure they are routed neatly and protected. Just tell the owner to be careful when working around the lines, keep an eye out for oil in the hull (usually there is some sign of a bad line) and inspect them twice a season

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