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    Pros and cons RXP-X pump wedge?

    Gain any top end? Does it hurt the handling?

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    May 2008
    some prople are telling me to use it and others dont .

    i dont know if i am going to use or not

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    Can't imagine it doesn't hurt hook-up. And handling in smooth and rough would be diminished.

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    Maybe I just have not have enought seat time on my X before I installed it but I did not notice much of a difference one way or the other. I installed mine with a couple of other mods so I can't speak for speed difference. I know on glass the nose is up and it is very stable; now hit a little wave @ WOT and that's another story.

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    I picked up .5 to 1 mph with the wedge addition. An top speeds are optained with trim full up, as opposed to one click above the middle.

    Those were my findings anyway.

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    I've never tried one on the X, but I have on the RXP. I think getting more hull out of the water almost always equals more top end speed, but I generally stay away from anything that adds lift to skis because of its impact on hookup and handling. I hear the wedge (any type of lift) increases the chances of overstuff/buck on the X as well, but no first hand experience with that. Personally, I'd rather retain the hookup than gain the speed, especially on the X because it excels at that, but if you are looking to sacrifice that a little for top end, then its probably an easy way to obtain some more.

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    thanks guys, think I'll leave it like it is

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    i would change the wedge i did it on my x boat along with the vts extension rod boat runs great if you change your intake grate i would install the R&D grate

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    I have the R&D grate and picked up top speed, but the hookup at high speed is poor. I guess that's the tradeoff. Holeshot is good with this grate, no cavitation.

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    I just toke my r&d wedge off of my p-x... I didn't like the hook up durning take off... The wedge made my ski jump out of the water, even with the nozzle pointed all the way down... My hole shoot was non-existing. Ski would just jump out of the water and cavitate... But I am running a jim's plate not sure if that added to the problay... But I did gain some top speed, but not worth my hole shoot.. Just my 2 pennies...

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