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    ultra 150 rpm issues

    i can't understand what could be wrong with my 2000 ultra 150. on the trailer hooked up to a hose it runs great. when i get it in the water and put some load on the engine it runs great for about 60 seconds. then it wont go any higher than 5,000 rpms. it will jump back and forth from 3500 to 5000. when i make a turn it drops down to around 2500 rpms until i straighten out and it goes back up to 5,000.
    i am about to order a main wire harness just becuase the one i have now has rusty pins in some of the connectors and i had to cut into the battery switch one day and hook those wires up to a toggel switch i got at the nearest hardware store to get myself home. becuase i lost my keys. that would be cool if it also fixs my problems.

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    Could be fouled plugs or if its throwing a warning light then mabe a clog in the cooling system

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    the plugs are good and there is no warning lights

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