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    1999 PolarisSLTH feedback please

    Hi all, I have a chance to buy a 1999 PolarisSLTH with trailer for $1500 the machine has 271 hours, it has a 700 engine in her and looks to be in really good shape. Is this a good machine? It has only been in fresh water but I will be using it in saltwater. Please give your Pro and cons of this model. Thanks Mike

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    I have a 96 SLT 700 that is the earlier model of the SLTH. I thinks its a great machine. The 700 is a bullet proof motor. The SLTH has a nicer hull design. If I had the opportunity to buy that ski I would.

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    I've owned two of them and they are decent ski's, they will not hold three adults however even tho they are 3 seaters.. Make sure it runs good in the water before you buy, and I would try to get him down to $1200.. I sold my two for $2000 with double trailer..

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    thank you very much for your input. Mike

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    The Polaris 700 engine is considered to be very reliable, and provides good fuel economy. Most PWC are happiest with one less person than the rated maximum, so expect it to ride best with one or two people.

    Check cylinder compression, and maximum sustained RPM on the water. Those two together will tell you if the engine is still strong, and producing the power it is supposed to. Don't go by the speedometer, just watch the RPMs.

    In fact, check everything. That machine is now ten years old, so even if well maintained, it is unlikely to be in perfect condition.

    What makes an older PWC reliable is the attention and maintenance you give it. Plan to spend some time just checking, cleaning up, and verifying that it is indeed as it should be. Expect to find a few things that need replacement, repair, or just cleaning.

    Have a look here, and click below for even more info
    I am thinking of buying a PWC. Any tips?

    I just bought a Polaris PWC - what should I do?

    If it still has the original gray Tempo fuel lines, plan to replace them, AND rebuild the carburetors. Dirty or marginal carbs can kill a good engien in short order. It is worth the trouble to rebuild them

    Polaris Domestic (red) engine

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    250+ hours is huge,Check compression like K447 said.(should be min. at 110#,lower end) At those hours,if it hasn't been rebuilt,it will be needed it. Count what a rebuild would cost(400.00 to 500.00) and take that away from what a lower hour one goes for. Just my thoughts.

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