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    Red face Polaris SLTX 1050 What do i do before i put it in the water ?

    Just acquired a 96 sltx, it has been in storage for the past 4 or 5 yrs. The guy i got it from said it was winterized the last time he took it out for the season. I took it down to the lake a couple of weeks ago. Put some stabilizer in the gas tank, filled it up with oil, and she started right up. I pretty much ran it all weekend with no problems. It was smoking a little, seemed as if it was running a little rich. This Newb needs to know if there anything i should do before i put it back in the water this weekend ? Thanks for your input.

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    There are LOTS of things you should do

    Have a look at this thread;
    1999 PolarisSLTH feedback please

    The primary concern is the fuel system, and especially the carburetor internals. If the carbs are dirty or get clogged, you can burn down a piston in minutes or less, sometimes with no advance warning.

    The best way to avoid an unexpected engine failure is to service the fuel system, rebuild and clean the carbs properly, check the carb settings, and monitor the piston wash.

    Make sure the correct spark plugs are installed.

    By now I presume most of the old fuel is gone. Old gasoline looses octane, and fuel stabilizer does not rejuvenate old gasoline. Fill it with premium gasoline, preferably without ethanol.

    Have you checked compression?
    What is the maximum sustained RM?

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