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    Oil leak help needed

    Just cleaned all of the ceramic washer bits out of my engine. Took off the PTO cover and the oil pump off of the front of the engine. After putting it all back together, I get an oil leak. The leak only happens when the engine is running and seems to be coming from the drive shaft. It is possible that the oil if over full, more than 4 quarts was put in after all the oil was removed from the engine. However I don't see how. When following the oil check procedures in the service manual, the oil shows on the low mark on the dip stick. So why am I leaking? Thanks for the help

    Branton Turner

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    Sheepfu- I have had a problem like this before. The leak is most likely coming from beneath the rubber boot that holds the carrier bearing near the very front of the driveshaft. I recommend you doublecheck the bottom of the boot right where the driveshaft fits into the black rubber driveshaft boot. I had a small leak right under the clamp that tightens around the carrier bearing.

    Also, inside the pto there should be a rubber o-ring that makes a tight seal around the driveshaft. Many times it gets worn away and could leak oil as well.

    To check if you are leaking from the clamp spot, you can lightly run your s/c without the exit piping connected and watch beneath the driveshaft right around the boot. I recommend you put down a paper towel or get a mirror to be sure you verify a slow drip. Put the ski on a flush while you do this as it might take a minute or 2 to see.

    Hopefully it's just the boot you will need. (of course you would have to remove the driveshaft to replace it though)


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    BTW - I am hoping you used a new pto gasket when you put the rear cover back on. They're only like $16.

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