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    2002 Freedom wont idle

    I have a friends 2002 Freedom that has a problem. It will not idle and has no power in the water. I rebuilt the carb for him. The ski will start and run if you hold it at about 1/2 throttle. If you let off the throttle it automatically dies. I took the carb back off to make sure I put everything back correctly, and I did. If looking down the carb it almost seems as if it is only running on the fuel supplied by the accelerator pump. I have the low speed jet about 1 1/4 out and there is no high speed needle. I am going to do a compression test just to make sure there is not another problem. Any ideas?

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    Compression check is a good place to start.

    Also feel each cylinder. If one is colder than the other after the engine has been running, that cylinder is not producing power.

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