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    New Prop for Stock RXP

    I have a stock 2004 RXP and I am getting ready to fix the wear ring. I was wondering if it would make any difference in performance if I went to a Solace 14/19R prop with a stock engine. I am not interested in major modifications, but I would like to be able to hit 70 mph. I am also thinking about filling in the ride plate holes. Would an intake grate upgrade be better than a prop upgrade for a stock engine? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Solas 14/19
    Riva Intake Grate
    Ride plate holes filled

    That should get you to 70, but before you do, please make a few passes NOW...note the speed on GPS and your max RPM's...

    On a side note, have you atleast swapped the SC clucthes for metal ones?

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    I will be rebuilding the supercharger with metal washers and a blow off valve imminently. I am not even going on another ride until it's rebuilt.

    It will be tough to compare before and after top speed. I am fairly certain the wear ring is grooved because I recently could only get to the low 60's.

    Do you think I will need both the new prop and intake grate to hit 70 mph? Could I get to 70 mph with just one of those? Thanks.

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    Leaving everything stock and trying to get over 70 on the stock prop is tough. Repitching the trailing edge of either prop will be needed.

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