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    97 xp hit rev limiter

    hey guys, jsut recently started having problems with it hittin the rev limiter, it used to do it the odd time when u were at a stop and really hammered it. now it does quite a bit when u hammer on it. could it be wear ring or couplings? it will slowly go upto speed without hitting the rev limiter and basically go full out if u are gentle on it.

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    thinkin the splines are wornout on the impeller, havent had a chanse to check it out yet, but a buddy told me the same thing happen to him, what yas think?

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    97 xp

    I had one of those last year and noticed it did that alot out of the hole but could always pickup speed and top end. Check the leading edges of the prop, see if there chewed up. Pull of the venturi nozzle and take the cone off and see if water comes out. doesnt hurt to change it anyways. do it every season.

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