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    MSX150 start problem

    Hi all, new to this model polaris. customer brought it in with a dead battery, I repalaced it with a new one and have nothing at the start stop switch. is there a reset or main fuse on this beast somewhere that I am missing? thanks for your time, Rick

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    MSX 150 No start


    I find it sort of intersting that I started my time on this site about six months ago with EXACTLY the same problem. I'm not nearly as experienced as some are on this site, but I CAN tell you what I found and what I did about it. The other guys will fill in the blanks as we go.

    Before you begin:
    What year was your ski made? 2003 has many more issues that does the 2004 model, but they use the same manual. I don't have the link at hand right this second, but just search for it in the MSX section (the overall section you're in right now), and it'll come up. It's about 53 or 54 megs.

    First, even though it's new, check your battery. Even a slightly depleted or undermatched battery will keep you from starting. This will just save you a step when you finally get the engine to turn but not necessarily start.

    Next, check ALL your battery connections--both positive and negative. I had particular problems with the the wiring of the solenoid, but there's a wiring diagram in the manual. I had to remove the negative cable that runs from the battery to the bottom rear of the intake, clean and dry it, and then reconnect it before I could get the starter to even turn.

    With the basic start system wiring sorted out, does the engine now turn? If not, does it do ANYTHING at all. Does it thump, or click, or clank. Each of these mean different things. For me, the click meant bad connections to the solenoid, and the clank meant that the ski's impeller was seized against the inside of the pump's wear ring. Had to replace it. There's no other way to get rid of that particular problem. Trying to sand or hone the inside of the wear ring for reuse will send you into more problems that you can imagine. But if you are getting a clank, you have the option of unbolting the pump from the hull and pulling back the driveshaft until the drive shaft and engine couplers clear one another.

    Does the engine turn now?

    If this hasn't helped, then check every connection on the harness. It really helped me when the manual suggested that certain connections listed should be connected with dielectric grease added. Greasing one connection in particular took me from a no-start to a start in five seconds.

    Now, if you could give us a little more info, we can go from there:
    Do you get anything at all from the starter, or, in other words, when you press the start button do you hear ANYTHING, no matter how faint, and I mean absolutely ANYTHING?

    Let's go from there.

    Other guys who are more experienced will chime in soon, but most wait for a few basic questions to be answered before they join in. You need to give us all the info you have, no matter how insignificant it may seem to you.

    Basic Questions:
    service history (if any). When, where, what, and why?
    Have you ever seen the ski run?
    Is the fuel in your fuel tank fresh? Or is it from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away?

    Good luck. Stick with it, and the ski will get right sooner or later. After all my problems--no start, frozen impeller, dead fuel, frozen wastegate arm, and may more, I just got back from a ride on the river by my house. No wind today, and the water surfce was like glass. I was pleased to hit 71 MPH for about five minutes before the water got choppy at one point. Yahooooo!

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    Quote Originally Posted by terkkata View Post
    Hi all, new to this model Polaris. customer brought it in with a dead battery, I replaced it with a new one and have nothing at the start stop switch.

    Is there a reset or main fuse on this beast somewhere that I am missing?

    thanks for your time, Rick
    Is it at all possible that the battery was previously connected backwards (reverse polarity)?

    If yes, there are some common failure points. I can't recall exactly which components, but have a look through the forum...

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