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    04 STX 12F help please

    Need major help! very clueless about jet ski's. My wife just inherited a 2004 STX 12F jet ski that sat up for over a year and a half. When she first got it we ran it a bit and noticed after a while it was blowing smoke. This all happened one day after she somehow got mud blowing out the pee hole. i then ran it for a few minutes to blow it out (suggestion from a local Honda dealer mech.) I started running OK but was still blowing smoke. i carried it to the Honda dealer who found water in the oil. Because during a couple of flushing I didn't start the engine while it was flushing. I own a offshore fishing boat so i flushed it the same way i do my twin Yamaha outboards. BIG mistake i know. So can anyone please give me an idea of how much it is going to cost me to repair the watercraft or is it possible that i just might be able to do it myself?

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    The good news is that it is fresh water in the engine and not salt water. I'm no mechanic, but you may be able to get away with the following. Suck out all of the oil with a fluid extractor, then change the filter and add new oil. Start the motor, then turn on the hose, run the motor for a few minutes (10 or so), shut off the hose, allow the motor to run until no water is coming out of the "pisser". Then shut the motor off and suck out the oil again. Check the oil you remove for any indication of water. If it has water in it, keep changing the oil and filter until it is clear of water.

    The stx-12f is a pretty hardy machine. You don't say how much water was found in the oil. If it was minimal and you did not run the ski hard, then you may get away with one here.

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    Plugs may be fouled and you may want to check your compression. You didn't mention how the ski was running while all this was going on. Dirt coming out the pisser indicates sucking up of mud/sand. Make sure never start the ski in less than knee deep water.
    10 minutes on the hose sounds a little long to me. Service manual says 2 minutes max. You do want to change oil like stated above and get engine warm to help with oil removal and moisture vaporization. Tilt ski down in front (bow) as far as possible to get as much oil out as you can when sucking out oil. You may also want to change the oil filter.
    I say check compression because these 12f's have high compression but weak piston skirts. The pistons also crack easily.
    Good luck. These are great ski's.

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