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    GPR Head Gasket: 03 vs 05

    On a stock 03 GP1300R, what are the advantages and disadvantages for using a 05 head gasket with the larger water holes. Could it possibly run too cool? Thanks in advanced for your thoughts.

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    just runs cooler with the 05 and above gasket..

    you want cylinders as cool as possible once warmed to avoid heat soak

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    i run the 05 headgasket on my 03.

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    For maximum cooling, use the 05 head gasket, open up the exhaust manifold gasket on the 3rd jug to match the other gasket openings and also dump the water from the rear water outlet on the head overboard. This keeps the engine nice and cool and helps get the pipe slightly hotter which improves the sonic pulse and helps peak RPM.

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