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    06 GP 1300R Flush

    I have a question for all you GP guys. I have a new 06, well it has 8 hrs on it. When i flush the ski, i can't seem to get all the water out of it. I do as the manual says, and have flushed my 96XP for yrs. I turn the hose off and continue to let the ski run for a few sec. If i hit the throttle to try to blow some more water out, it sounds awful due to YEMS, yamaha engine mang. system. I guess what they call traction control. I just hate to let the ski run for awhile to let all the water out. Any suggestions. Thanks

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    unfortunately that is what your going to have to do. I know that it sounds bad, but a few revs on the throttle should be fine -- it will never get 100% of the water out, but enough to clear the waterbox and exhaust pipe out.

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    If you want to get more water out just do your normal flushing and then come back to it and start it up off the hose. Watch more water come out. Just do it for a few secs not too long. Come back again later and do it again and see more water come out. Continue and repeat as often as you like. Eventually you will get to the point where no water will come out. Are you storing it for a length of time?

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    It also helps if you tilt the front of the trailer up in the air when you blow the water out of the exhaust system. Just don't rev it with too much rpm..

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    I experienced this same thing on the EFI conversion I am I understand more....

    Traction Control:

    To manage the awesome power of the GP®1300R, Y.E.M.S. utilizes a traction control feature that alters fuel/air mixtures. This system enhances acceleration by reducing prop spin and achieves top end performance by maintaining engine RPM.

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