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    Probably a stupid question but...

    I recently bought some 2 stroke oil - Sea Doo XPS 2. The last bit I had was from when I purchased the skis. That oil was bluish green in color, just like most two cycle oil I've seen. This oil was tan/orangish. Much like regular motor oil. Did I get taken. The seal was broken, but thought nothing of it as it was full.

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    I think that the tanish oil is the none rave valve oil like 720's and lower. The blue greenish is probably the XP ss oil, and that is a synthetic oil.

    Im not positive, since i run Klotzs in my ski.

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    I use the Doo synthetic oil and its what you describe...tanish orange. THe green oil I think is Yamaha or other 2 smoke oil

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    Thanks guys, pardon my stupidity

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    Nope, that is a very good question! You actually had the old XPS oil in there, which is green. I actually preferred it over the new. Nothing wrong with that oil. BRP redesigned the oil to accomodate the famed DI 951's as they need a bit more durability than the old XPS oil provided. So, at one time we had XPS, and XPSDI oil. Then they decided that was too much and eliminated both, and came out with XPSII.
    Which is brown in color.

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    10-4. Glad to hear I did not waste money. Thanks for the help.

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