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    Registering a boat without a title

    Does anybody know how I would go about registering a small jet boat that was bought with only a bill of sale?? I don't think it is possible in New York State but wanted to see if anybody else has done this before.

    I really want this boat but the seller is telling me bill of sale only.

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    there are not tittles on boats in ny state. they use transferable registrations. the seller should be able to go down and get a new registration and then sign it over to you.

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    I wasn't sure but the NYS DMV website says you need a title-

    The last thing I want is a jet powered paper weight. lol

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    it says registration/tittle. its worded like that becuase some states tittle boats and some just give out transferable registrations. ny does transferable registrations but my skis registered in va have tittles. if i was to re register them in ny id have to turn in the tittle.

    if its a ny state boat it should have a transferable registration you just take that and a bill of sale to the dmv and you will be set. if he lost the registration he has to go re register it and hill get a new one.

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    In some states you can get around having neither a title or prior reg by saying it came from a private lake and was not registered.

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