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    951 case sealing help

    Hey, hoping someone could give me advise on sealing the cases on my seadoo 951... the manual says to use loctite 518 gasket maker but when i took it apart there was a silicone gasket maker which makes me ask which is better. my next question is there was gasket sealer in in the small crevases where the seals on the crankshaft would fit into the lower case should there be sealant in there... hope you can understand wat im trying to ask..Thanks

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    you need some yamabond or threebond,,

    it is a sealer that works best on case halves..

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    Hondabond is the same stuff and can be easier to find.

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    thanks guys... next question is how do the counterbalance bearings get lubricated should i put grease or oil onto the bearings not sure what to do and manual mentions nothing.... also how does the crankshaft bearing get lubed thanks im 20 minutes away from assembly

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    they are sealed bearings and the centre bearing get lubed by the oil in the gear cavity

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    Quote Originally Posted by winterstick View Post
    they are sealed bearings and the centre bearing get lubed by the oil in the gear cavity
    Make sure you put oil in the gear cavity.

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    The manual from newer years says 518 for older engines that had 518 but newer engines uses a silicone base loctite sealer and not to mix them. I used ultra Black on my last. FYI I used Yamabond to seal the read cages to the intake and it got sucked in. Some kind of reaction to Gas. Put oil in the gear cavity and Replace the sealed bearings on the Counterbalance shaft. Sure you can grease them but I will warn you I and others on this site and have had engines lees than 10 hours with old CB shafts fail from these bearings. My last engine had a Bearing that was new (from the shelf ) on the CB shaft fail and am now waiting for a set of cases. The old ones cracked from ball bearings hitting the weight and being jammed into the case at very high speed.. I suggest a rebuilt CB shaft from Seadoo or Hot Rods. Never ran a hot rods CB before but I plan to

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