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    96 sl900 fuel problem, no fuel in carbs...

    i have a 96 sl900 and im getting no fuel to the carbs spraying in. i bought the ski not running and the gas shows to be a few years old. i was wondering if it had a external fuel pump or would it be in the carbs? i cleaned out the tank and checked the fuel lines and seem fine. i need to know what to check and did it suppost to have a external pump the a 94 sl650 has? any help would be great and i have looked in the service maunal and didnt find much but i might not of looked hard.

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    it has an external fuel pump and it also has diaphragm inside the number 1 carb.

    also the carbs should be taken out and cleaned out. And inspected.

    fuel over time will harden become goo and rubber seal will crack and be useless over time.

    check the fuel valve too. fuel selector. there's an o-ring in there too. cracked and will suck air.

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    the pulse tube had water in them. so i pulled the tubes off and turned it orver till it was just air coming out and putted bother fuel pumps apart(on carbs, center dont have one and theres no external pump) and cleaned them and ill finish putting it back together saturday and hopefully it works!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fordpower View Post
    the pulse tubes had water in them...
    Is this engine/machine new to you?

    Has it been run recently?

    Water in the pulse lines implies water inside the crank case. Water in the crank case means possible rust on the crank shaft, which is not good.

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