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    99 genesis wont crank with tether in...

    Hi Im a newbie to this forum, mechanicly inclined but no nothing about these units. Im trying to get a 99 genesis carbed running that has been siiting for 2 years, it looks like a mess. Im going to do the carbs, drain gas/oil, dash is gone (I want to find another one) and a good polish. I started with a comp. test 120psi across by jumping the solinoid because it had nothing at the start button with the tether in, took the tether out and it cranked no spark. I bypassed the dash from doing research on a similar thread. I have no exp with these and need some tech advise to test the LR-502 and the LR-32, cdi and the stator. I can get it to crank with the tether by unplugging the black/yellow out of the cdi, no spark. Im in Toronto and also looking for a good place to get parts somewhat local. Any help!!!

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    Would you like to drive it down the 404 to my place, and we can have a look?

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    Quote Originally Posted by K447 View Post
    Would you like to drive it down the 404 to my place, and we can have a look?
    He can keep your motor running too.

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    I noticed you were local... and that might be a good idea. I will pm you my number.

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    Hi hoodrat, WELCOME to the Forums!!

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    Thanx. Hopefully k447 and I can post proper testing, diagnosis and solution for this problem...

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