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    WTK GP1200R Seat weights

    I'm a newbie here, I've got a 2000 GP1200R and need to replace the seat, I had heard that the Model years from 2003-2008 GP1200R and GP1300R, the seat assemblies got alot lighter in weight and that they interchange and fit all 2000-2008 model years. just wanting to find out if that's true. Some Wasp Spray overspray hit my seat and I didn't get it cleaned off in time. It hardened the vinyl and it cracked pretty bad, can see the foam. I didn't think a cover would work , since the foam is exposed.

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    post up a pic of the seat. You might be able to recover it? And the 05 seat is the lightest. I belive.Lee

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    Like said above, post a pic. If you can recover it, Take it to ANY auto upholstery shop that does boats. It's an easy job for them. Will run you 100-200 depending on what you want.. how custom you want it.
    When I put my jet trim cover on, I asked a guy and a local shop here would do it with waterproof fabric and stainless steel staples for 100 bucks plain. If I wanted fancy it would go past 200 he said. We didn't go into details...

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