Hi, this is the newbie who was out at Lake Lewisville (north of Dallas) for the first time ever on Aug 16. I have the 91 X-2 with the big PJS stickers.

This isn't where this sort of request usually goes, but I'm hoping to find a particular person.

When I was out there that day, some of the guys informed me I had a blown head gasket on my 650, and one of them mentioned he had one hanging in his shop, but I didn't get his name. I took the head off the next weekend, but I've been so swamped at work I haven't followed up. I'd like to get the gasket and get on the water this Labor Day weekend, so I'm hoping to find the same guy (or someone else local who has one). I already tried all the dealerships in town, and Dale's is gone to Nashville.

Can anyone hook me up?