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    wave venture vs waverunner III

    I am going to look at 2 95 yamahas this week. Could someone describe the differences in the hulls from a waverunner III to a wave venture? I am not concerned about speed it would be for my daughters to use so I don't want a 60mph ski.
    Thanks for any help.

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    WaveVenture 700 (Marine Jet 700VN)

    The full-sized 3-seater model WaveVenture 700 (Marine Jet 700VN) debuted. Because this was a model that beginners could ride with assurance even in fairly rough waters, it became a hit at beaches with PWC rentals. It is the predecessor to today’s rental standard, the XL700. This year the WaveRaider was also graded up with a 1100cc engine for the increasingly high-speed PWC scene.

    I would go with the Venture. Very stable machine. Read what I put in bold italics....

    I am also looking for a Venture for me, and the girlie to putt around on together....

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    go venture in my opinion. much more stable

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    Thanks for the replies--I'm taking waverunner III off my list because stability is a primary concern.

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