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    95 Wave Venture 700 Help total newbie

    Ok, total newbie to jet skis. Never even ridden on one before but it looks really fun so I thought I would pick up one used and do a little work, play around and learn about them. So I watched around and purchased a 95 Wave Venture WVT700 along with a 97 shuttle craft. This combo looked pretty cool. The guy I purchased it off of said that the last time he ran it he had issues and limped it back in. It needed some work.

    After I got it, I tried to start it and it was all you could do to keep it running. Most of the time it would quit before you could get the water on. PS.. Should have walked away when he said he could make it run with ether. No lubrication on 2 cycle except what the pump is putting in.

    I decided I would clean out the fuel tank, put an oil pump block off kit on it and mix my own gas (40 to 1), replace plugs, fuel filter and rebuild the carbs. All cables and points of contacts had just been lubed and looked like it was just serviced. Probably should have been another clue.

    I performed all of the above tasks. It started right up after gas got to the carbs. I set the low and high needle valves per articles on the web for that model. It would idle and come up to full power. So I ran it 2 minutes with the water on. I noticed more fuel and mist coming up out of the back carb versus the front carb. I thought ok, this needs adjusted a little more than the front. Back high was turned out 1 1/8 turns and front was turned out 5/8 for starters.

    I turned it off and got a screwdriver to adjust it a little. I got back to it about an hour later. Started it up and reved it up a couple of times and started to adjust a little. Maybe ran for 2 minutes. All of the time running the water was hooked up and on. Next thing I know the motor locked up. Hmmmm…. Knew this was not good. Now I am thinking one carb wasn’t feed fuel and cylinder got hot and locked up. Although I would I thought it would have been easy to tell if one of two cylinders wasn’t getting gas. I thought it would have run so rough you would have barely kept it running.

    I pulled the front carb and too my surprise, I could see water in the intake. I think I am totally toast. I am at a loss. I pulled the plugs and did not see any water on the top of they cylinder. I half expected to see a hole in a cylinder or something.

    Ok, pulled the motor, UGH….. Was not fun but it is out. Looked in the exhaust opening and rear piston skirt is totally blown, rod is twisted and blew out the bottom of the motor. Hole where debris came out. Now, I am trying to figure if this was something I did or it was already done and I just finished it off. I am a little nervous because the first 2 minutes, it seem to run ok. Now remember I have not had this one the water once. Only run with hose hooked up.

    My questions:
    1 Is the jet ski junk now? Should I just write it off and try to get a little money back out of the shuttle craft?

    2. Did I cause this after four minutes of running after the carb rebuild or was it terminal and I just finally did it in?

    3. Worried about getting a new motor and I have something else wrong and destroying it.

    I have no experience and I am sure you will beat me around a little but I need a little direction. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, Mike

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    sorry to hear about your motor.
    If you run the water with out having the motor running you will fill up a cylinder and destroy the motor. Sounds like that's what could have happened.

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    I was very careful to have the motor running 10 seconds before turning the water on but after watching/reading stuff this weekend, I may have had too much water on when running and it may have backed up. I had the hose on full force and other say only open the valve 1/4 to 1/2 turn or it could flood back.

    The motor was running a couple of minutes before melt down. Just don't want to toast another one. Also I had a some back spray out of the back carb and very little out the front. In reading another article, it sounds like a may have a reed valve issue as well. I know that didn't cause the motor to go but something I will need to correct on the next.

    I was using premixed gas and unit was running so I am pretty sure both carbs were feeding or I would not have idled. If one of two carbs were not working the I would have had a bigger issue.

    I will be more careful of the water on the next. While I have the motor out, I will take the muffler out to make sure there are no clogs there.

    Any other advice is appreciated and thanks for your time.


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