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    gp13R are my mount rubber dead?


    Sorry for my bad english, I m a french runner.....
    I think my mount rubber are dead, can you look at the picture and give me your mind.
    It is a 2003 gp1300R with 80 hours, d plate, premix, and R&D grate, use only in salt water.

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    i would say so, it seems that the engine is hitting the bottom of the hull when u jump waves. (as i can see the damage in the first picture).

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    The rubber delamination at the base of the mount is common on saltwater skis, so if that is the ONLY issue then they are fine. However, if the motor is contacting the hull then you should replace them.

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    Thanks you

    The motor is not on contact with the hull, but I will change rubbers because I have an other probleme, my turbine do a very bad sound when the the jet is out of the water, and I think the propler touch sometime the turbine body, It could be my transmission bearings dead, perhaps it s because my rubber are dead and the motor is misaligned.
    I disasembled the shaft next week end.

    I come back in Frence today, I ve just past 15 day in USA, is a great country, I like the lake Powel, it's looks great for jet ski.

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    mounts look fine. if you are hearing noises, check the prop and wear ring. my bet is that the wear ring bubbled because of the salt water and is now rubbing the prop.

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