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    wondering if i'm getting a good deal

    To start off i do not currently own any pwc's but progress is being made. I have a 1997 camaro z-28 that i've put alot of work into but still needs more and i simply don't have the time any more. I posted it up for sale of trade and got a offer of a 2000 polaris virage tx 1200 and a 97 polaris sl 1050 together. I know nothing about pwc's and they apparently need nothing. What would a general value of these pwc's be so i can decide if it's a good deal or not.

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    Best thing would be to post this question in the Polaris General Discussions forum

    Value in PWC is always approximate, and it really depends on the actual condition of the particular machines.

    Any used PWC purchase has to be based on an inspection and careful evaluation.

    More info here;
    Polaris PWC related information

    I am thinking of buying a Polaris Personal watercraft.
    What should I be looking for?

    Basic Introduction to the purchase of a Personal Watercraft
    This is not specific to Polaris PWC, and some things may not directly apply.
    It is written for PWC with 2-stroke engines.

    You can get a general idea of value from Kelly Blue book.
    NADA values tend to be off the mark for Polaris PWC

    If a double PWC trailer is included, that affects the total value, IF the trailer is in good condition.

    Are you familiar with riding PWC?

    Are you OK with doing your own maintenance and repairs?

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    thanks for the links, they do come with a double trailer, I am not very familiar with pwc's, i never owned one but i have had friends that did. I never done any mechanical work on one but i've built cars, atv's, motorcycles so i don't think maintenance will be a problem, especially after wondering around these forums and see that there are alot of people that know alot about pwc's and are will to help a guy out.

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