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    clock, ngi 03 msx 140

    any of you guys that have a msx 140 ever have any problems with your clock? every once in a while when i start the ski the clock will reset itself to 1:00. just happens once in a while, all other functions work like they are supposed to. clock keeps really good time other wise. and would anybody know if you buy a new bearing carrier from babbit's or any other of the parts houses would it have the seals installed the correct way?? know there was a bulletin or update from polaris about the seals being installed incorrectly. thanks for any help!!

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    The clock reset when starting sounds like a wiring problem. Look for a loose/weak connection in the wiring to the display, and check the fuse contacts.

    Also check/clean the ground connections to the engine block. On the MSX 140, I think there is more than one

    Also remove/clean/tighten the battery cable connections, at both ends of both cables.

    The MSX bearing carrier assembly PN 1350091 is no longer available as a unit from Polaris. Polaris does sell a seal+bearing replacement/rebuild kit 2858113, or you can buy generic seal+bearing parts.

    More info here;

    Sealed MSX through-hull driveshaft bearing assembly
    How to check for leaks at the MSX through-hull bearing
    Recommended replacement/rebuild of MSX through-hull seals is every 100 hours or 3 years (especially in salt water)
    How to remove the MSX drive shaft
    How to remove and replace the MSX seals and bearing
    Polaris MSX through-hull bearing support carrier rebuild kit is PN 2858113
    Generic replacement bearing is a 6205.
    The inner seal is 25 x 52 x 10 (substituted with generic 25x52x7)
    The two outer seals are 25x35x10 (substituted with generic 25x35x7)

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    Does it re-set from just sitting or after you try to start it?
    Another possible scenario:
    If your battery is just a little weak (say from sitting) and then you hit the start button it depletes the needed current/voltage to the MFD re-setting it as if the battery had been disconnected.

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    thanks for the reply!! all wiring and connections seem to be ok. my battery is getting a little old 2.5 years but seems to take a charge and work just fine. this is the first year this has happened. and just once in a while. so i am inclined to agree that maybe my batt is a little weak. ski runs and works just fine!! wish polaris was still building watercraft. i think it would be neat to see what the msx's would have evolved into!! 250 plus hp 4 strokes??? oh well! thanks again for the replies!!

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