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    MSX 150 Wastegate Adjustment

    Could someone give me some info on adjusting my MSX150 wastegate arm.

    All this is going to sound stupid, but I'm just trying to nail down the adjustments for every system in my ski.

    So, I read an old 150 post that was written in response to a wastegate question. They guy responding to the question said that after repairing his (the question asker's) stuck wastegate, he might need to check to make certain that the wastegate is adjusted to give maximum boost.

    Where would that be, as far as a physical setting goes, I mean?

    When I reconnected my wastegate arm to the actuator, I just unscrewed the rod connection end until the hole lined up with the threaded hole in the arm. But I don't think this is correct. For whatever reason, the actuator rod end and its nut came unscrewed from the rod prior to reinstalling the engine, and I couldn't see any tell-tale marks to let me know if it had been screwed higher or lower on the actuator rod.

    Anyone know of a way to make certain I have the correct setting?

    I know about the boost guage not being a boost guage at all, just an RPM reading, and I am turning 7250-7350 RPMs at WOT. The manual said that the RPM limiter is set at 7800-8400 RPMs. Shouldn't I be able to reach reach RPMs just under 7800?

    Thanks everyone,

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    The rated opening pressure of the wastegate is 6psi. Connect an air pressure source to the wastegate diapram and slowly increase pressure from 0psi to 10psi. When reaching 6 to 7 psi you should see your wastegate arm start to open if properly ajusted. If the wastegate arm starts to move at 5psi and less, increase tension. If the wastegate arm does not move before a before 8psi, decrease tension.

    Wastegate arm tension has no effect on boost because turbo pressure is electronically regulated and controlled by the ECU... not the mechanical wastegate arm/diaphram.

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    wastegate adjustment

    Thanks, Desperado, the procedure worked perfectly.

    Thread Closed.

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