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    RXT is255.... thoughts?

    Just drove it and I am not impressed. Had this

    which I think that after the few years I was used to driving it, but the new ski is not what I thought it would be. hard to handle, you can't slow down with a passenger on back, because of the throttle response, and no wave jumping, it is too heavy.

    It is fast as shit though



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    You need more seat time. I find this thing works very well in all aspects.

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    I find it better than anything I have driven in the rough. I had a few friends that currently have GTX's ride it and they all loved it.
    It may not be the ski for those that ride mainly smooth water but does work well for the rough stuff.

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    Most in this thread so far have seen my it is anyway...

    I didn't try riding through the rough standing....would it have improved my feeling of being 8' above then surface, balancing on a stick while the deck moves?...I dunno.

    I'm am not a smooth water rider....oh, I will if I can get it...but it's a rare find for where and when I ride.

    Walt, I'd like to see some gps #'s and some comparisons with known skis before I call it fast. Seat of the pants didn't feel that way to me.

    All this aside....more time in the seat wouldn't hurt.

    I'm anxiously waiting for someone on SML to buy I can run with him and see what's what.

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