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    Polaris Genesis 2002 Parts Needed


    I previously asked about my Polaris Gensis 2002 Ram Injected on these forums and thanks to your help I have found out the problem.

    I need the following parts as circled in red in the following diagram. Just wondering where I can source them from brand new or second hand.


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    once you have the part # in hand , you should be able to just order thru a polaris dealer . they might not be working on them , but most will still order parts for you !! ( or they can tell you if it is available )

    for part # and applications , go to

    top of page is online parts catalogue , select pwc in the product line , year of machine , model . then find your part!! it will even tell you what other model that part is interchangeable with !!

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    I use excellent fast service for Polaris. No problems over the past 4-5 years.

    maybe you might need this

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    The gaskets you can buy new from any Polaris OEM parts source;
    Polaris PWC Parts Sources

    The stator and flywheel can be purchased new or used.

    You can even install the updated MSX 140 flywheel (which has 12 magnets), which is a better design than the six magnet original Ficht flywheel.

    Polaris Ficht Fuel Injected Engines

    The original 4010168 six magnet Ficht flywheels sometimes fail when the magnets become loose

    Used from 1999-2004 on the two cylinder and three cylinder (1165cc) red fuel injected engines, the number 5000285 is embossed into the casting on the inside
    If any of the six the magnets shifts sideways, the result can be reduced electrical power for the EMM and injectors
    If the loose magnets get jammed against the stator, the resulting debris can damage both the stator and the CPS sensor
    You can try re-attaching the loose magnets, but it is difficult to get the repair to stay together

    A better replacement flywheel seems to be the newer 4010646 twelve magnet Ficht flywheel, which was stock on the MSX 140 engine

    The number 350146 is embossed into the casting on the inside, and a manufacturing date code is painted on the front
    Not only does it deliver a stronger electrical output, and the 12 rare earth magnets stay in place better, it also has deeper encoder ribs which may deliver a stronger signal to the CPS sensor. The teeth on the starter ring gear are harder wearing.

    Note that the 4010320 Ficht magneto stator was common across all fuel injected engines 1999-2004, two and three cylinders
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    Hi, I have emailed for a quote including postage to Australia. Hopefully the cost of postage won't be too much. Thanks for all of your help

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    Just about to place an order from babbitts. It says that one of the gaskets (no. 20 in the diagram) has been replaced with: SUBSTITUTED BY 5812474 (5812011) Is this correct? Thanks

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