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    winterizing my r12x

    hey guys,how do i properly winterize my ski?do i need to run antifreeze through it?if so,how do i do this?

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    Actually you need to fog your cylinders, and tip ski up high as you can to drain water out. Less water left in the better. If there is no way to get water out, use anti-freeze. But you dont need it if no water present. Lube up your waste gate actuator and turbo. All cables, etc. Throttle linkage. Also, fill with fuel and put Sta-bil in it, start 'er up to circulate stabilized fuel a little. More full tank is less chance of ethanol/water separation issues.

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    i only have two strokes and dont know a whole lot about the honda 4 strokes.

    but if its an open cooling system then yes you should probably run antifreeze through it.

    this is what i would recommend.

    1)add fuel stabalizer

    2)flush the motor with a bio degradable antifreeze. i made a tool to do this. i went out and bought one of those tanks you pump up and use to spray chemicals on your garden like this . i took the sprayer off and put an adapter for a hose and and a on off valve on. then you just hook what ever it is that you would hook your garden hose to it when you normally flush it.
    and to use it you just pump it up build up the pressure then start the machine turn the valve on. then when you see the biodegradable antifreeze coming out the back shut the valve off then turn the ski off.

    i bought all the stuff at home depot.

    3) fog the engine
    4) change the oil

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    tx for responding guys,all help is greatly appreciated,sometimes noone bothers to answer.ain`t that the purpose of these forums????

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    at some point i had found an online video showing how to do this on a honda.... anyone know where that may have been?

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