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    Smile Considering switching to Seadoo for new RXT-X 260, looking for opinions

    Hey everyone,

    I have been looking at the new RXT-X 260 and I have to say I am very interested in it. The S3 hull looks great and it looks like it has great potential for power once Riva releases their ECUs.

    My question is, to all of you Seadoo owners out there (this is coming from someone who has never owned a Seadoo), what do you think about Seadoo's reliability today, in 2009? From an engineering standpoint, BRP-Rotax engines are amazing, but I am looking for real-world opinions about reliability from people who have actually owned them. I am asking because I am looking to upgrade my '07 Ultra 250X sometime in the next year or so and the new RXT-X is pretty high on my list of potential replacements (along with the Yamaha FZS and the Ultra 260X).

    So what do you all think? Please no bashing here, I just would like to hear your opinions about reliability. Thanks!

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    Consider maintainence on the sc to be critical for longevity....if you can do'll be a happy man.

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    Got over 200 hours on mine and still runs as good as it ever did. Course the wife does not beat it. Replaced washers at 130 hours with metal and all is good.
    All manufacturers have issues find the dealer that will take care of you if you have to use him.

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    The clutch for the SC needs maint every 100 hours mot riders dont run that long in several years. I have had 2 4Tec's on an o3 SC it had some pump issues but they were fixed in 04 models I got 170 hour on my SC before it needed 220 hours I sold it and in o4 I bought a 04 RXP this year with a bad engine (water damage) The sc had 181 hours on the sc and no maint. I rebuilt it and sank it after less than 20 hours . Folowed the manual for water in the engine and have 25 more hours on it since no problems. I work on Seadoo and Yamaha watercraft. I can tell you I wouldnt get caught dead owning a Yamaha. Not because they are gay or they are for the mindless but because they over complicate and dont build them like they used to. Seadoo has improved over the last 7 years Yamaha has done the opposite. Seadoo paints there engines Yamaha not. Seadoo uses stainless hardware on most years Yamaha used to chrome their bolts now not anymore. (chrome worked well to stop electrolysis) Now the bolts just seize in the hole. Stainless with loctite wont seize in aluminum. Yamaha pumps work for a long time but not efficiently they burn blades and wear rings wear the impeller. Seadoo pumps work very well no burning impellers. Wear rings wear and they are cheep $80 Yamaha $200 plus a new impeller. Lots of the parts on Seadoo interchange with other models Yamaha not very much. Engines Seadoo no adjustment on the valves and one cam 12 valves. Yamaha 20 valves 2 cams valves need to be adjusted change the oil Seadoo filter less than $10 and no mess Yamaha $15 or more and no way not to spill some in the hull and ends up in the river. Yamaha Air filter that clogs if it gets wet and is expensive. Yamaha a pita to do most things Seadoo easy to repair IMHO Seadoo is the only choice but not for some people

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    I know very little about Kawi except the stearing angle is different and they eat fuel bad all years from what I have seen. I think you will like a Seadoo but Its a personnel choice

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    Sea-doo's seem to do well after their first year or two out - have had bad luck with my '04 RXP, but most isses were since corrected in newer models. Since the motor is the same workhorse they have had for years it should be reliable - and the S3 hull is on it's second model year, I think it will do well. Just a little nervous about so much being computer controlled this time.

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    I put more than 50 hours on my p-x in the first three months of getting it and they were not all easy cruising. One was a charity ride and covered over 600 miles in four days down the coast of Queensland(Australia).
    my wife has put the same hours on our wake 215.
    Only drama was my p-x had a fuel injector crap itself and the wake got some water in the fuse box when the cover wasn't put back on properly after a service and got water in it causing the fuses to die. But once found problems were sorted very quick.
    Mine having no dramas with mods on it and now up to 68hrs. About 20 have been with the engine mods. All good so far

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    Thumbs up Thanks

    Thanks everyone, this is really encouraging! I am going to have to test ride one of these new RXT-X 260s once they come out next spring if I can find a dealer that will let me. Seadoo really nailed that black and red paint job, by far the sickest paint job I have ever seen on a pwc .

    I am very meticulous about maintenance so I should be okay in that regard. I have a feeling that a lot of the things people hear is a result of seadoo's huge market share and how many non-enthusiast owners never maintain their skis properly (I know a guy who does not even run water through his honda out after riding in salt water ).

    I am really glad to hear about the stainless steel parts . I love my 250X but I was really disappointed in how quickly the bolts rusted.

    I will make sure to post here first thing if I pull the trigger on a seadoo next year. To be honest the seadoo community (this forum included) is a big reason why I am interested in switching. There are just so many people and resources.

    To any other seadoo owners out there who have not posted yet, feel free to keep posting opinions. I think this thread could be really helpful for people who or still on the fence when it comes to seadoos (and I sure wouldn't mind hearing more opinions). Kudos to everyone for keeping this thread insult free

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    Kind of like buying an old Chevy. you could get a old ford but why. Dont have many parts and you pay to much to go fast.

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    I have a near 80 MPH RXT and that speed was achieved with a blown head gasket. First real problem since I have owned the ski. I am fixing it and getting it back on the water. I couldnt be happier.
    If I would have left it at the 73MPH I would probably never of had a problem. Just keep the SC maintained and you will be good to go. Now with the RXT-X hulls there have been some issues. Will the new skis have the smae problems as the RXT-X's? Not sure. I would imagine them to have addressed the problem by now.

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