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    Thru Hull Exhaust FZS

    I'm looking for opinions.
    thinking about going thru hull. I want to have a little more noise after last weekend at Lake Havasu I got sandwiched in between a couple 35' + boats and I want a little more noise for presence as well as I'm planning on a bunch of mods now that I am finally past 10 hours on this thing.
    Is it louder? Too loud?
    Will the stock ECU tune it until I go to a better unit?
    Those kind of things or any other stuff to need to worry about like reinforcing the transom ?

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    I was running the free flow exhaust on my FZR and then switched to the thru hull exhaust. The thru hull sounds much better but not as loud as i hoped it would be

    I find the rear exhaust has a much cleaner sound than the free flow. I find lots of resonance with the free flow still dumping into the pump tunnel area.

    No need to reinforce the transom with the thru hull. Just install it and you are good to go. Looks awesome too. The outlet is HUGE!

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    OK thanks, I thought it would be better from the start, just was worried about adding extra backflow the ecu wouldn't compensate for... 2 stroke days... Hopefully it will be a little deeper pitched also... now as long as it doesn't leak...
    I can see it now, trying to explain why why new ski sank at the dock....

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    Just remember to drill it a tight fit & then buy black/white 5200 depending on your hull color and make sure you put a bead between tip and gasket then another bead between gasket and back mounting plate.... when my buddy & I did it on his RXP we also added some on the outter part of the back mount plate.... we had absolutely no leaks....

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