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    help me out please ?

    took ski out other day and it has some kind of issue , from off the line punched it has a rough increase kinda like a cavatation rev out but it does it out of the water also so im guessing its not that . it sounds like a rev limiter and small vibration ?

    prop ?

    bearings ?

    2008 250x- 58 hrs -rd ride plate

    thanks guys

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    how bout plugs?

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    first thing i checked , took them all out and they all fired on a coil , plus ski runs fine after 20mph , it only happens when you punch it from slow speed or stop.

    how would a damaged prop feel ? would it rev funny out of water ?


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    how bout supercharger belt tension? you need the tool to properly check it. I would still change the plugs though. Also check the airhorn and make shure it is not loose and sucking up on the right side of the hull just below the glove box.

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    ok ill check , im getting full boost , and ill check the horn too .


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