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    Increasing performance and power, WITHOUT sacrificing reliability

    What are some things I could do to improve my GSX's performance without sacrificing reliability? I would like it to go a little faster, and possibly handle better. I don't know if handling can be improved as it seems to be controlled by the shape of the hull, but if I can I'd like to give it a shot. Thanks guys!

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    hello. your thread caught my attention, I own a GSX myself 787, I have many aftermaket things on mine and it keeps up with the newer jetskies, I raced many jetskies' GTX limiteds, Newer 08 Yamaha's and have beaten them, not bad but just enough to win, My recomendations will be switching to a different impeller. i have a Solas 17-24 pitch, great for holeshots, Go with R&D intake grate, and a reduction nozzle also available from R&D, also there are many thing internally you can change to reduce weight and have higher top end, ieg:flywheel, crank, pistons, tuned pipe. the list goes on. just my personal recomendations

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    Sounds pretty solid to me... I am a little leery of aftermarket internal mods on these, I am certainly not afraid of doing the work, I just don't want to burn up a piston or something with too much compression or having the A/F ratio be too far off.

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    The Sleeper kits from Group K have a nice increase in power without giving away too much reliability.

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    How is the solas 17/24 for top end? Would that be like changing gears in a car? For example, going from a 3.42 to a 4.10 improves low end grunt drastically, but you lose top end.

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    When changing impeller pitches, it is not as exact as differential ratios or even sprockets on bikes. The pitches are not interchangable between manufacturers either.

    When you go up, you are basically running a higher gear, but you better have enough bottom end HP to turn the prop down low or you will not be happy. To get the most of a prop change, mill the head for more compression and consider aftermarket flame arrestors and carb rejet. Make sure that you have changed out the Tempo grey fuel lines as they will clog your fuel system and possible cause a lean piston seizure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike94ZLT1 View Post
    How is the solas 17/24 for top end? Would that be like changing gears in a car? For example, going from a 3.42 to a 4.10 improves low end grunt drastically, but you lose top end.
    thats basically right...when you add HP you have to find a prop that fits the application. with a stock boat changing the prop will give you effects like you are describing. a taller prop will get you top end but lose a bit of hole shot and going the other direction is the opposite effect. I run a Solas XO on my 96XP and its the middle of the road prop....a little bit of both

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