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    97 gtx not revving up?

    Got a problem with a 97 GTX 110hp, It runs out of water OK doesnt sound great, but when it is put in the water it wont rev above 4000, it is running on both cylinders (both warn to the touch) but wont run on one with with either plug lead disconnected??? compression is both 125psi had carbs cleaned and ultrasounded twice, had a new coil fitted, plugs, rotary disk checked (no scores, not worn) and timming re-checked when reinstalled.
    (someone sugggested twisted crank???)
    Any Idea would be great!
    Thankyou for any light that you can shed?


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    Welcome to GH! you will have to detailed explain your problems to us, I had to read twice and still didnt quite get the question, it runs on the trailer. but once put on water it wont rev up above 4,000 rpm's? is it boggin when it reaches the 4k?

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    try a brand new set of plugs

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