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Thread: fuji oil pumps

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    fuji oil pumps

    I have both types of pumps, on the variable rate pump off of my 95 sl 750 the oil barbs are in the base of the flame arrestor, but on the fixed pump the barbs are in the intake. My question is: if i were to sell the variable rate pump should i also include the arrestor base?

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    someone please correct me if I am wrong, but I do not think the pump and oil port location are set in stone.

    I have a 93 650 with ports in the intake, that I am about to upgrade to variable oil pump and still leave the ports on the intake.

    since nobody has said anything about needing the ports on the arrestor base for me, I assume you would be ok.

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    I don't think oil port location would affect anything.

    I do think the oil fitting oriented on the 780 carbs would be better though. A better blend of the oil and gas IMO.

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