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    RXT-X rods blown straight through bottom of motor

    I have had nothing but problems out of my BRAND NEW, bone stock, RXT-X that just hit a WHOPPING SEVEN HOURS on it, and blew huge chunks of metal out the bottom of the motor. I have only put 2.5 - 3.0 hours on this ski the rest of the time has been put on this ski by the servicing dealership that has had this ski on three occasions now since I purchased this ski in mid July of this year. I am F***'N irrate with this piece of crap. Here is a list of my problems.
    1) Jet ski showed low 12 VOLT each time I started it the first time out at the lake. I charged it over night with my battery tender and that did not to help the condition of this useless battery. I purchased a new Gel Cell battery and installed it myself back in mid July--Problem solved.
    2) My wife and daughter were riding the ski with 2.5 hours on it when the exhaust hose blew off, filling the boat with water until the engine finally quit and would not restart for them. Luckily she had her cell phone. By the time I got to her the back end of the ski was almost completely under water. This freaked both of them out so badly I still can't get my 10 year daughter back on this ski because she fears it is going to sink.
    3) I took the ski to the dealer they performed the boil out procedure changed the plugs and performed the necessary supercharger rebuild specified by BRP.
    4) I tried taking the ski out again this time the ski hesitated, bogged down, ran horribly and would not accelerate over 45 miles per hour in the entire length of the lake. Not wanting to do more harm to this ski we immediately called it a day and packed this ski up and returned to the dealer.
    5) The dealership had the ski over a week and finally diagnosed, after lake testing my ski that the battery terminal was a hair loose. I stated, you guys were the last one to work on the motor and supercharger so one of your techs must not have tightened it all the way. Hew said that they never had to touch the battery. This cost me $104.00 since they said that I was the one to install the Gel Cell battery. I called BRP which accomplished absolutely nothing. In their defense, they called BRP while I was their and was told to charge me. I paid the bill and they actually called me several days later and told me that they got $84.00 credited back to my account.
    6) The weather here in MI finally warmed up and quit raining so my family and friends planned another day at the lake. I started the ski and it fired up perfectly, but as soon as I let off the throttle it died immediately. I tried excellerating across the lake and than letting off the throttle and the ski DIED again immediately. I had my cell and called the dealership completely pissed off. They said to bring it in and possibly the plugs were bad but it was tough to diagnose over the phone. I asked what they have been doing with my ski the last few time it has been with them and they had lake tested and done the boil out procedure which accounted to over 4.5 hours which is DOUBLE the time that I have actually spent on my ski. I asked if it was safe to ride it and he said yes.
    7) I got off the phone with the service department and decided it was not worth tearing up this new ski riding it any more than I had to. On the back to the drop off area I heard an extremely large metal on metal explosion which resulted in a ton of smoke billowing out from the front cover and ski, I had my wife and daughter jump off the ski and I raised the front hood to get the fire extinguisher. No need ---no fire thank God. I got towed back into shore by my friend and I was back off to the dealership again. When I got there they removed the seat because I told them when I opened the drain plugs that I noticed oil pouring out of both of them. The same guy that told me it was safe to drive looked at the motor and started pulling several 2-3 inch pieces of metal out from the bottom of the motor. I was just amazed that a ski with just 7 hours on it could have thrown a rod or whatever might have happened.
    I am completely new to this PWC arena and I have had nothing short of a nightmare with my less than 3 hours of riding this SUPPOSED GREAT SKI. Sorry for the novel but I needed to vent and I have no idea how something like this could happen. I am waiting to hear back from the dealership today. I was told that BRP will NEVER REPLACE a ski with a new one. I have had nothing but problems with this ski from the dead battery to the hose falling off causing the engine to fill with water and now a blown motor. What is my time and aggravation worth to BRP. I lost an entire weeks vacation on a lake because of the battery and hose falling off. Oh well, I need to go and try to get my Blood Pressure to come back down to a normal level before I give BRP a little ring of my own.

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    Sorry to hear about this, wish you luck with getting it repaired, I know you feel. Unfortunatly BRP will probably only replace the engine. Have had 2 put in my 06 RXT.

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    Sounds like it was all caused by the hose coming off and the dealer not properly fixing the damage to the motor when it filled with water.

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    Wow, what a nightmare.
    What is the name and location of that dealer please...

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    Wow... This has always been my fear when I bought my Doo. something like this happening, and something did but luckily no fault of mine but the dealers but the dealer made it right and it was small potatoes compared to this.

    I have see reports of people who stick to there guns and be persistant with BRP have had good luck getting things made right. BRP even paid a guys boat note for the 7 1/2 months that the dealer had his boat.

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    Sounds to me that when it sank it hydro locked the motor and bent a rod.. All of your problems besides the shity battery are from a loose hose clamp. That sucks!

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    Sorry to hear about your deliema but, believe it or not, these skis work very well.

    Sounds like certain checks were overlooked after the water ingestion.

    Get BRP to replace that motor and enjoy it for a long - long time.

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    Wow. This got my blood pressure boiling and it aint even my ski. This very problem is why I stayed away from BRP for so long. I pray everytime I go out on the ski that I will be able to get back in without being towed.
    I am thinking like others that the flooded engine cause the engine failure.
    Stay on the dealer and BRP and let us know the outcome.
    Good luck!

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    Sea Doo needs to give some of these dealers mechanics test, man I feel for you... Hope all turns well.

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    Sorry to hear - I'd be looking for a new dealership - no sense rewarding their sloppy habits with more repair jobs - even if it is covered by BRP.

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