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    scam text messages??

    last 2 weeks i've been bombardied by text messages about my debit cards being deactivated.funniest thing is i only got one and its not from any of the banks on the texts.i've never seen so many different banks listed,cracks me up

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    they are a pain in the a**e. ive even had emails from banks ive never had accounts with telling me someone has got into the account and they need my details to check up.
    just delete any messages and emails without opening them as they get your bank details and empty your acounts.

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    A few weeks ago, I got an email from Zimbabwe. Turns out I had a super rich uncle that died, and the corrupt government seized his estate. Thankfully they found me, and after emiling them back with my routing and account numbers, they're gonna deposit the money in my account! I'm super pumped!!!

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