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    Polaris txi Crank position sensor HELP!!!!!

    Hi I was checking to see if anyone know how a jet ski runs with a bad crank sensor.I check it for ohms and its 550 book says 200 max . it runs like crap and only up to 4000 rpm I have checked ground and changed throdle sensor and it runs the same

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    crank sensors run around $50, doubtful your emm is getting a properly formatted signal..tht does sound kinda odd, typically they open up, not develop more resistance. I'd be checking the entire length of the cable.

    I had a di kaw here this season that had the connecting wire broken except for two strands..came in running rough and fouling plugs...went to adjust the oil pump cable to spec and then it wouldn't start..the wire had failed when i moved it out of the way to get to the cable. It failed right where it entered the sendor body. Had to cut some ofthe body away and did some carful tack soldering to get her going again. Did repalce the sensor, but the weekend was _saved_.

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