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    rude 2 les cook ecu

    rude 2 fan and houseing for sale less than 10 hrs $650 shipped sea doo centre 8600 ecu for 04-05 rxp, rxt $650 or $450 + ur 04-05 rxp ecu with less than 100 hrson it or around that shipped green hulk water box $250 shipped more stuff to come
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    Not trying to hijack your thread, but I have a back housing with new ceramic bearings and metal washers that is machined for that impeller and front housing you are selling. I am asking $300, so between us somebody could have a complete rude s/c for $950. This is assuming that all you are selling is the front housing, otherwise I may be intersted if it a complete rude for $650.

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    its just the rude 2 front houseing and fan but there u go someone can put a compleat rude 2 together

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    ecu & water box on hold 2rude fan & front houseing still 4 sale $600 shipped

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