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    Got another one.....similar problems.

    Picked up another one over the weekend. This time a 97 SLT780 for a great price. The pump was locked up, it was used in salt water and the owner flushed the engine each time but never ran fresh water through the pump. It was the usual wear ring corrosion issue. He took it to a boat dealer and they broke a pump bolt when they removed it so I got to deal with that too. Those are the least of my problems. The engine has 120 PSI compression in all cylinders and the wash looks good, it was just ran in June so the owner said. After putting a fresh battery in and new BPR8ES plugs I tried to start it and once again I am not getting fuel just like my other 780. The fuel lines are stock and they are the grey lines, they will be replaced soon, but I am getting good flow from the pump. Would crank index make it unable to start? I was thinking that because there is evidence where the impeller contacted the wear ring. I will be checking that soon. It just doesnt seem to be pulling fuel. Was hoping to have to just replace the pump, guess I am still learning.

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    If you prime the engine with fuel, does it start?

    You have compression - do you have strong spark on every cylinder?

    If spark is weak, check the battery voltage while cranking.

    The Fuji 780 engine fires all three spark plugs together, so you should be able to see all three plugs firing together while cranking. Put the plugs into the wires, and firmly ground the bodies all all three plugs, and watch the sparks while you crank.

    Crank index would not prevent the MAG cylinder from firing, unless the flywheel keyway has sheared.

    Fuel flow - if the carbs are clogged internally, the fuel may not be able to flow through the carbs and into the return line. If you disconnect the fuel return line, do you have fuel flow out of the carbs?

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    Thanks K

    Forgot to mention. I have good spark at all three plugs. No I didn't pull the return line so I will do that. Just couldn't believe all three carbs are plugged but it could be that. The crank index sounded good because of the impeller to wear ring lockup I found during pump dissasembly. I will get back to you all.

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    Check the gray fuel lines, petcock, carb filters, and fuel seperator for clogs.

    Those grey liones create a grren goo over time that clogs internal filters of the carbs

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